Why Okcoin is investing in Bitcoin development

Backing open-source developers is one of the most impactful ways for us to invest in the crypto ecosystem.

Funding open-source development of the Bitcoin network is critical to our mission at Okcoin of making crypto investing and trading accessible to anyone, anywhere. Our grant recipients help make this possible by maintaining and contributing to the Bitcoin code, which is very much a work in progress.

To learn more about the genesis and beauty of how Bitcoin started, read the Bitcoin Whitepaper here

What we invest in

We’re dedicated to investing in protocol development, increased utility and adoption, and the developer ecosystem. Grant recipients are chosen for their articulated and demonstrated vision for advancing the ecosystem; our funding is provided to support their work.

As our focus is on investing in Bitcoin development, Okcoin grants are free of obligation ー grant recipients are not expected to work on behalf of the exchange.

Improving protocol speed and security

  • Strengthening test infrastructure for network reliability
  • Scaling the trust model for peer-to-peer transactions

Increasing Bitcoin payment and adoption

  • Increasing Bitcoin adoption through greater utility and use cases
  • Expanding Bitcoin’s applications by making crypto payments accessible

Growing the developer ecosystem

  • Providing incentives for open-source developers to focus on the long term viability of Bitcoin
  • Improving on-ramps and education for new contributors
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Meet our Recipients


A nonprofit organization designed to offer financial support, education, and mentorship to Bitcoin developers and researchers.

João Barbosa
Bitcoin Core Developer

João is a developer and frequent contributor to Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin’s most used client. In his work, he focuses on reviewing code, testing and on improving the experience Bitcoin Core users can have.

Meet_Curved Edges_Antoine Riard
Antoine Riard
Bitcoin Core and Rust Lightning Developer

Antoine addresses security flaws on both the Bitcoin base layer and Lightning, a second layer application. He also created The Label, a collective of independent developers focused on security and advancing lightning.

Marco Falke
Marco Falke
Bitcoin Core Developer

As a Bitcoin maintainer and the most active contributor to the Bitcoin code since 2017, Marco improves Bitcoin’s test infrastructure and is working on modularizing the Bitcoin Core code.

Amiti Uttarwar
Amiti Uttarwar
Bitcoin Core Developer

Amiti’s Bitcoin Core contributions have already strengthened the protocol and cryptocurrency. Her work focuses on improving privacy at the protocol layer and increasing test coverage for the P2P layer.

Fabian Jahr
Fabian Jahr
Bitcoin Core Developer

Fabian’s Bitcoin Core contributions streamline Bitcoin payments and aid adoption. His current work is the Coinstats Index project which focuses on improving how information regarding the UTXO set is pulled.

BTCPay Server
Open-Source Payment Processor

As a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor, BTCPay Server encourages adoption and greater use of Bitcoin by increasing its utility across global merchants.


Our Responsibility as an Exchange

Okcoin is on a mission to make crypto investing and trading accessible to anyone in the world and we are deeply grateful for the developer contributions that make this possible. As we build the next generation of crypto tools that depend on the strength of decentralized networks, we feel a responsibility to support those who contribute to that infrastructure. We are committed to building crypto for the long term, making investment a natural extension of our efforts to support the developers who make Bitcoin stronger.

View industry support of Bitcoin developers via the Polylunar Bitcoin grant tracker.

Contact us at ops@okcoin.com.

About Okcoin

Imagine a world where everyone is a trader. We are building the next generation of tools to help onboard the investors and traders who have been on the fence about crypto.

Okcoin is a globally licensed exchange with offices in San Francisco, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Korea. We are a collective of global citizens with a common passion to help decentralize finance and level the economic playing field for everyone around the world.

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