We believe that the most impactful way of investing in the crypto ecosystem and ensuring innovation continues is by backing open-source developers; the individuals and projects dedicated to creating and improving the core infrastructure that the rest of us build on.

All grants are provided without expectations and are intended to support the individuals and projects dedicated to creating and improving the core infrastructure that the rest of us build on. This is why we started our Open-Source Developer Grant program, so developers can work independently towards the advancement of crypto.

Meet the Recipients
Marco Falke

As a Bitcoin maintainer and the most active contributor to the Bitcoin code since 2017, Marco is dedicated to the improvement of Bitcoin’s test infrastructure, which ensures the reliability and security of the decentralized network. Marco also focuses on modularizing the Bitcoin Core code, clearly segmenting it so developers can have a targeted focus. Learn more.

Amiti Uttarwar

Amiti’s Bitcoin Core contributions have improved the protocol and continue to strengthen the cryptocurrency. Her current work focuses on improving privacy at the protocol layer by identifying how nodes were revealing sensitive information and focusing on increasing test coverage for the P2P layer to ensure a robust codebase. Learn more.

BTCPay Server

As a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor, BTCPay Server  encourages adoption and greater use of Bitcoin by increasing its utility across global merchants, allowing businesses to transact in the cryptocurrency. Payment infrastructure is a critical component of Bitcoin’s future adoption and increasing its use in commerce advances the entire industry. Learn more.

Fabian Jahr

Fabian’s Bitcoin Core contributions center on improvements aimed to streamline bitcoin payments and aid adoption. His current work is the Coinstats Index project which focuses on improving how information regarding the UTXO set is pulled. He also supports the work of other developers, examines developer conference findings, and participates in weekly BitDevs Berlin Socratic Seminars. Learn more.

Our Responsibility as an Exchange

Since the historical moment of the first bitcoin block mined in January 2009, countless volunteer hours have been devoted by independent developers to build and enhance the open-source Bitcoin network. From the birth and rise of Bitcoin also comes the birth and rise of the whole crypto community. We feel very fortunate that the passion and dedication of our open-source developer community has shaped and continued to define the future direction of our industry. Such efforts are critical to building a future of a trustless society that many of us believe in. As a platform that aims to enable safe and free trading of crypto assets globally, we are deeply grateful for their contribution. We also believe that we have a collective responsibility to give back, encourage continued investment and innovation in our infrastructure.

This is why we have started our Open-Source Developer Grant program. To receive our grant, the candidate needs to be independently contributing to an open-source decentralized network. All grants will be provided without strings attached. Recipients can work independently towards the advancement of crypto. It is only one of many ways that open-source developers can get financial support, but we are delighted that we are contributing to the crypto ecosystem in our own way.

Visit our blog for our latest grant news and to hear from our grant recipients.