Ethereum 2.0


What is ETH 2.0?

The Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, called Serenity, is a long anticipated change to the smart contracts protocol that will address scalability issues by improving Ethereum’s ability to confirm, verify, and execute transactions. The upgrade will move the network from the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm to the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and lessen transaction gas costs.


Why is an upgrade needed?

To date, the Ethereum network has experienced significant slow downs and volatile fees that make it difficult and unreliable to send or receive a transaction. Because the present state of the network requires all nodes to verify and execute transactions, one application has the ability to congest the entire network. These upgrades don’t just support the Ethereum network, they impact and benefit the entire cryptocurrency industry.


Serenity upgrade

The protocol overhaul will improve how the Ethereum blockchain processes transactions in order to support network growth and adoption.



  • Having to stake ETH acts as a security measure ensuring that participants act in the best interest of the network; if they act against the network, their ETH can be forfeited.
  • Increases network decentralization because it reduces barriers, allowing more nodes to join the network.
  • Moving to PoS is intended to make the network more energy efficient, requiring network validators to stake ETH rather than perform work to confirm transactions.
  • Scalability: Data Sharding

  • Scalability relates to the network’s capacity for executing transactions. Presently, every transaction has to be verified and executed by every Ethereum node. This makes the network slow and costly to use.
  • Data sharding is an important element of the upgrade that supports improved scalability.
  • Sharding separates a large database into smaller and more manageable pieces of data. For Ethereum, sharding will partition the database so that more nodes can be added and process transactions faster.
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